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More than a home to an array of quality products and solutions, Taylor is a place where you can find innovation, inspiration and growth. From cutting-edge engineering and design positions to critical merchandising, marketing and manufacturing roles, your career path with us can encompass diverse, challenging assignments that span product lines, job types and businesses.

Rewarding Careers

"It has been great watching the company grow and being part of the evolving print technology."

- Mark, Press Operator


From scheduling and processing paperwork to handling correspondence, apply your administrative talents to help ensure organizational success. We regularly hire executive assistants, receptionists and data entry specialists.

Business/Strategic Leadership

These leaders implement new programs and identify potential partnerships and innovations to help drive the success of our divisions, companies and employees. Leadership roles include business unit leader, chief information officer and executive vice president.

Customer Support/Client Management

Field calls, process orders, resolve customer complaints and deliver the outstanding customer service that sets Taylor apart. This is where our customers see our brand come to life. We rely on friendly customer service representatives, call service representatives and project managers. 

Engineering/Research and Development

Lead the way in R&D and apply methodologies and analysis tools to solve complex problems, improve processes and push Taylor’s technical portfolio forward. Opportunities include process improvement specialist, industrial engineer and mechanical engineer.

IT/Software Development

Job opportunities range from network services and security to application development; these people help to create and support our high-quality, cost-effective information systems and innovative solutions. Roles include programmers, database administrators and network engineers.


These jobs include managing print presses and packaging, helping us in our mission to manufacture high-quality products at a competitive price. Job opportunities include press operator, digital production supervisors, desktop color specialist and shipping representative.


Work with our retail vendors and help us determine “what’s next” by applying your talents to create compelling and innovative products for our customers. Career paths include merchandising specialist, product manager and product designer.



Roles such as accountant, financial analyst and accounts receivable representative are what you will find in this area. Put your number skills to work and see first-hand how finance positions play a key role in our company's processes and success.


Whether developing strategic communications programs or creating campaigns that capture the essence of our brands, these employees help us communicate, connect and succeed. Career paths include communications specialist, advertising coordinator and copywriter.


From logo design and product packaging to compelling online user experiences, people on this team are challenged to create innovative solutions for our company and our clients. Typical team members include graphic designers, user experience designers and website artists.


Functions within these roles vary from managing search marketing campaigns to identifying new online sales opportunities. Ecommerce is an exciting, evolving field. Job opportunities include web analytics specialist, ecommerce marketing specialist and marketing analyst.

Human Resources

This position includes recruiting and hiring job candidates as well as administering compensation and benefits — all with the goal of helping us develop a world-class team of exceptional talent. Career paths include payroll administrator, human resource manager and talent management specialist.


From protecting our interests and intellectual property to advising on contracts and operational concerns, this area addresses the diverse global business issues we face in our ever-expanding company. Career paths include attorney, legal assistant and paralegal.


Employees in this category manage corporate brand strategies and assess new market opportunities, developing and delivering Taylor companies’ unique brand promise. Career opportunities include brand manager, marketing specialist and market research analyst.

Sales/Business Development

If you like to identify prospects and close the sale, you’ll find a wide range of rewarding sales opportunities throughout our many industries and companies. Our sales team includes account executives, sales representatives, sales analysts and lead generators.

Sourcing/Purchasing (Procurement)

Expected to select suppliers and organize the delivery of services and goods, these roles supply what is needed to manufacture and deliver Taylor products and services. Job titles include purchasing representative, category manager and buyer.


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